Check Out the KVELL Brand Ambassadors & Investors

We are blessed to have the support of a number of wonderful people who love our product and believe in the quality of what we are bringing to the Vodka market. Each of the following individuals are brand ambassadors for KVELL and stockholders.

Mario Addison – Investor & Brand Ambassador
Carolina Panthers Defensive End

“KVELL is the finest vodka I have ever tasted. I really like the apple variety and can’t wait for it to come out in the larger bottles. Check out my recent KVELL post.”


Lanny Wadkins – Investor & Brand Ambassador
Pro Golfer & Golf Channel Analyst

”When my wife and I entertain or when we’re just relaxing at home, we drink KVELL Vodka on the rocks or in a Moscow Mule. Until you taste KVELL, you can’t understand the difference a truly fine vodka makes in whatever way you enjoy vodka.”


Jerrod Niemann – Investor & Brand Ambassador

Country Music Star

”When I’m at home or on the road, KVELL is my go-to drink. I’m not just saying that. You have to try it to taste the difference, and that’s why I wanted to be part of this company.

I’m also excited that Tina Gray and Worth, the founders of KVELL Spirits, and the Fender Guitar company are partnering with my charity, to donate free guitars to the children of our service men and women who are deployed around the world. I want to do everything I can to support these brave men and women. Tina Gray and Worth jumped in without question when they learned about the work we are doing and began helping from the day I met them.”


Casey Barnes – Investor & Brand Ambassador
Country Artist & Australia’s Golden Guitar Winner

“KVELL is bloody awesome! My mates and I love a KVELL tonic after a long session. Can’t wait for distribution in Australia!”


John Hunter Nemechek – Investor & Brand Ambassador

“I am excited to be a part of this amazing company who not only makes the finest Vodka and Rum in the World, but also is conscientious and responsible enough to discourage underage drinking not only though messages but being the first company to have please drink responsibly 3 times on their labeling, as well as 2 websites to go to for help and guidance. Pretty impressive.”