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Real. Pure. Vodka.

Derived from lush, green sugarcane

Our vodka begins its journey in fields of lush, green sugarcane. The sugarcane is harvested and then processed to extract its sweet juice. Unlike traditional vodkas, the sugar content in the cane juice is fermented to produce the purest alcohol. This fermentation process provides you with pure and quality taste.

Known for our neutral flavor, our sugarcane-based vodka carries subtle hints of its origin. Expect a slight sweetness or a mild grassy note that echoes the essence of sugarcane, unlike anything else you have experienced. We pride ourselves on our real pure taste.

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Vodka that transcends your taste buds.

K v e l l ® R e a l . P u r e . V o d k a . ®

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The secret of Kvell

Real. Pure. Vodka.

Only the finest ingredients

Our vodka is crafted from high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. For sugarcane-based vodka, this means using the best sugarcane, organically grown and sustainably sourced. The sugarcane is chosen for its purity, sweetness, and overall quality.

How do we craft our taste different?

The production process is artisanal and hands-on. A small batch distillation process allows for greater control over the quality of our vodka. The distillation process is meticulously monitored to ensure the removal of impurities, resulting in a cleaner, smoother spirit.

Sparking memorable moments?

Sharing a drink, like our Kvell vodka, gives you a unique experience. Relax, open up, and engage in conversations, making moments you can Kvell about.

Proud American Brand

Our craftsmanship and quality is our hallmark as a proud American brand.

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